Friday, July 17, 2009

MOP 4 - A whack on the head

This is fourth in the series of Mind Opener Posts, I'd like to share.

The whack on the head is severe when someone close is involved!

Neethu is my niece, and this is her story.

Neethu came to Bangalore to enrol for a 6 month vocational training course at EnAble India, a charity that assists people who are challenged.

She was born blind. She has never seen how the world or even she looks! But she was a free bird. I picked her from the bus station and much to my surprise, rather than being apprehensive and nervous like most others, here she was singing in the car, trying to learn what was around, all excited about being in Bangalore. I have yet to meet a more optimistic and cheerful person.

It's not going to be easy, she stays in an apartment close by, she will need to walk across unaided. She will be staying with people she has never met. I was apprehensive when I went to hostel the very first time. And here she is, all by herself from the very first day.

I got my lesson. There's no room for complaints or excuses - play life like a game, using what you have. Play and enjoy or spend the rest of your life complaining! It will get you nowhere.

My best wishes to Neethu, I know she will make her mark one day!