Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Year, New Name, Same old thinking head

Today is Vishu, celebrated as the beginning of a new year across the south Indian state of Kerala, where I come from.

I am thrilled to start with a new name and focus for my blog. I have been writing here since 2007, but, as you can see, not too many posts to brag about.

I've been part of the digital marketing industry since pretty much the beginning. Being an engineer, with a flair for creative thinking, it cannot get any better! Though I have been based out of India, this industry is truly global, and except for the initial years when we started Webshastra (now Position2), most of our clients were global.

Advertising, for me, is losing its worth. The means as becoming an end. People do ads to win awards! Clients boasted about their advertising spends, media even awarded top advertisers. Think about it, getting an award for spending more?

As part of the change in name, I intend to focus my blog to share more experiences from my work, clients, and my thoughts in this amazing art (+science) of digital advertising.

Enjoy! and please do share your views. We may not agree, but a POV is a POV