Thursday, December 16, 2010

Position2 Newsletter: December 2010

Content Overload - the Challenge for Companies Monitoring Social Media 

Finding ways to handle the deluge of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube conversations circulating on your brand is a challenge. To fully understand this, the Brand Monitor™ team at Position² analyzed social media conversations on Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, eBay, and Walmart®. Here's what we found.
Click here to read this articleUnderstanding the Online Sales Cycle Using Google Analytics 

The Holy Grail of Web Analytics: an online sales cycle deep dive, tracked through Google Analytics, reports the impact of PPC and organic search. This includes interesting data points on the time taken to convert visitors, depending on your website entry path.
Click here to read this articleAirtel Brand Revamp: Social Media Response 

The largest telecom service brand in India, Airtel, launched a much-hyped $65 million revamp of its brand identity. Right after the launch, Airtel social media conversations increased drastically. Read on for a detailed analysis of how they fared.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Futurewatch Series - 1

Well, they say it all started with barter. Where one man's produce was another's need. I made shoes, you made food - lets' exchange. Then it extended to a local community. Then appeared currency. Travel made it possible to expand your market. Then competition created advertising.
Ad for Coca-Cola, 1890s

 Advertising & marketing became an integral part of a business - as it had to identify customers to buy its product at the right price at the right time - this is important, if there was no constraint on price or time, a business could hypothetically wait for all inventory to sell on its own,  a.k.a monopolies!

And now, the internet's happening. Suddenly - every business has a market, distance does not matter. Technically all of what a business produces will find a buyer - somewhere - made easy by the internet

Do we still need advertising & marketing. We just need production and distribution. Ah yes - perhaps a few decades out - so we are safe