Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Nature Analogy For Young Professionals

It was an interesting conversation I was having with one of our youngest team members. She got an exciting offer from an organization, where she was to lead a team in her area of specialization. Since the company operated in a wider marketspace, she was perhaps the only resource engaged in this particular line of work.

The salary offered was quite a large sum, and we were having a very open conversation on her options. While the offer was exciting, i knew she still had a lot to learn.

I had an example, which i shared.

Farmers follow a very interesting approach. The growth from seed to sapling is typically done under controlled conditions. And later when saplings have reached a certain size, they are moved on to the actual fields, to grow, to face nature.

In todays' scenario where there is a shortage of talented and experienced professionals, many a young professionals are made to wear large shoes.

The idea is not to discourage young professionals, but to share a story we see in nature. After all the same rules apply


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